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Investment Casting

Investment casting, also referred to as "precision casting" or "lost-wax casting," is one of the oldest and most well-known techniques of metal-forming. It allows for the forming of precise components through the creation of castings which are created especially for the manufacture of the specific component. Castings aid in the production of multiple components of the same exact shape and versatility, no matter how complex the structure of the component may be. This allows for greater control in the production process, and reduced machining allowances. Thanks to today's technological advancements, a plethora of materials can be used for the process of investment casting, depending on the requirement of the component. Investment casting, thus, is the most cost-effective solution for the creation of specialized components of similar shape, no matter how intricate, to suit the conditions of their usage. This allows for the establishment of the most appropriate component that guarantees a more efficient process.

Advantages of Investment Casting

  • Allows for the easy creation of complex components which are difficult to achieve through other means
  • Casting of intricate forms with undercuts is possible
  • Almost any metal can be casted to suit various requirements and the usage of the component
  • Durable and long-lasting, as it is especially made to carry out a particular task
  • High level of dimensional accuracy is achievable
  • Obtains a smooth surface finish, with no parting lines
  • Ready for use with little or no machining required
  • Certain 'unmachinable' parts can be casted to pre-planned shape


Muras Techno Casts offers a variety of alloys to suit every need. Our expert engineers will guide you by analyzing the best materials, and pick the one that best suits the purpose. They include:

SS based alloys WCB Cobalt based alloys Nickel based alloys Duplex steels
CF8M WCC I-4 CW6M A995 1B
CF3 IC1020 I-3, etc. CW12MW CA6NM ,etc.
HE, etc. IC4130, etc. Monels, etc.