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Why choose Muras?

At Muras, we fulfill our promise for quality products by overseeing every step of the process ourselves. From the very designing of the component, all the way until it has passed our in-house testing, we are with our clients every step of the way.

Quality & Service

We aim to not only meet the requirements of our clients, but also exceed expectations. The characteristics of our key processes are controlled with utmost care to achieve consistent quality and casting repeatability. Our proprietary processing ensures that even the finest details are casted, including:

  • Very small cast letters
  • As cast serrations
  • Knurling
  • Wall thicknesses under 1 millimeter

Engineering Support

Our engineering staff is always ready and willing to assist you throughout the casting process, such as by:

  • Designing the casting to assure that it includes the required features and to optimize its castability by paying attention to even the most intricate details, ensuring the creation of any shape
  • Determining the correct alloy to suit the requirements of the components
  • Securing required supportive processes, including
    1. 1. Machining
    2. 2. Testing
    3. 3. Assembly
    4. 4. Metal finishing
    5. 5. Polishing
    6. 6. Plating
    7. 7. Coating

On-Time Deliveries

At Muras, we believe that every minute counts. With the 'Just-In-Time' pull system of investment casting, our clients can schedule deliveries to meet their deadlines

Quality Policy


  • With an eye for quality, Muras strives to achieve total customer satisfaction
  • We engage in the continuous upgrading of our Quality Systems to stay up-to-date and serve our customers in the most efficient manner possible
  • There's always room to grow, and at Muras, we are always trying to improve by adapting the latest technological advancements to reinforce our strong expertise in the field

Policy statement

  • Total consumer satisfaction will be achieved through constant contact with every client, using feedback from internal and external entities to constantly improve within the company
  • Stringent measures will be taken to ensure continual upgrading of all systems and processes to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and help us serve our clients better
  • Continuous building of the skills of employees at all levels will be encouraged by imparting need-based product, and system-related training

Muras group is committed to provide personalized and high quality services.